Advertising and communication law

Your advertising & communication law firm in Paris: LegiPass Avocats has an extensive experience in advertising and communication law. Advertising and communication law is a cross-disciplinary matter that encompasses several disciplines, such as contract law, regulation  (competition, consumption, distribution), intellectual property, information technology law, personal data law, privacy.

The clients of the law firm LegiPass Avocats include advertising and communication agencies (including event and web agencies), advertisement networks, media (both online and offline), broadcast production companies, authors and promotors.

The law firm LegiPass Avocats provides assistance in preparation of contracts and resolution of disputes involving advertising and communication agencies, promotors, authors and producers of musical and audiovisual works, media, advertising networks, service providers, models, actors and high-performance athletes.

LegiPass Avocats advises its clients on the legal compliance and contractual aspects of their advertising, marketing and communication campaigns.

Our firm is thus involved in all types of projects, including advertising and promotional campaigns, media and non-media communication campaigns, events, direct marketing, etc.

Examples of our practical cases in Advertising and Communication law :

  • Protection of advertising creations, workings and recommendations provided by advertising agencies to their clients.

  • Protection of privacy and image rights related to goods and individuals.

  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts which involve advertising and communication agencies and their clients, media, advertising networks, authors, external service providers, artists, models, actors and athletes.

  • Negotiation and drafting of framework agreements and application contracts between advertising agencies and their clients.

  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts related to transfers of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks), granting of personal image rights, contracts for the purchase of advertising space and sponsorship agreements.

  • Legal audit and due-diligence of projects related to advertising or promotional communication; verification of their legal compliance, in particular with regard to (i) Evin law, (ii) Sapin law, (iii) the rules related to the prevention of unfair commercial practices such as unfair competition, denigration, parasitism, defamation, (iv) the rules related to comparative advertising, misleading and deceptive advertising, the use of the French language, the rights of criticism.

  • Advertising display and posting: prior declarations and authorisations, advertising in urban areas, advertising outside of urban areas, specific local advertising regulations.

  • Sponsorship campaigns.

  • Audiovisual advertising : controls of Conseil Superior d’Audiovisuel, broadcasting modalities, authorized sectors.

  • Legal framework for sales promotion and advertising lotteries.

  • Specific arrangements: advertising for tobacco and alcoholic beverages, advertising for medical and pharmaceutical products, advertising for firearms, advertising for legal and accounting services, advertising for financial services, advertising for educational establishments.