Commercial law & market regulation

Your commercial & market regulation law firm in Paris: The law firm LegiPass Avocats has developed a solid expertise in commercial law and matters related to market regulation (distribution, competition and consumer law).

We assist entrepreneurs, companies, managers and shareholders in their business development by handling all legal aspects related to the production and marketing of products and services.

The law firm LegiPass Avocats assists you in the negotiation, drafting and execution of commercial agreements, distribution framework agreements, partnership agreements, as well as in the drafting of general terms and conditions of sale and services to customers, whether they are professionals or individuals.

We advise you on the issues related to relationship with your clients by handling consumer law issues, such as games and competitions, lotteries, distance selling and e-commerce, sales prospection, tied selling, comparative advertising, misleading advertising, unfair or abusive terms.

The law firm LegiPass Avocats counsels you on the matters related to the competition law, in particular, on those related to unfair competition and parasitism, and more general, restricting competition, such as price fixing, refusal to sell, selling below cost, discriminatory practices, abusive breakdowns and deregistration.

We also provide you with a legal assistance on the issues related to commercial leases and business (“fonds de commerce”), such as acquisitions and disposals, the transfers of leasehold rights, etc.

The law firm LegiPass Avocats protects your interests in all types of commercial disputes everywhere in France. In particular, we handle cases related to parallel distribution, counterfeiting, unfair competition, debt collection, corporate and management’s liability, breach of contracts.

Examples of practice cases in commercial law & market regulation :

  • Factoring

  • Commercial agent agreements

  • Commercial leases : drafting of commercial leases, renewal of commercial leases, disposal of lease rights

  • Bank guarantees and their endorsements

  • disposal and pledging of receivables, Dailly law

  • Cheques, bills of exchange, commercial papers

  • Abusive clauses

  • E-commerce

  • Regulated businesses and activities

  • General terms and conditions of sale and service, general terms and conditions of use

  • Counterfeiting, unfair competition, parasitism

  • Leasing : Operational & financial leases, “credit-bail”

  • Competition law : unfair competition, parasitism, cartels, abuse of dominant position, abuse of economic dependence, delisting, refusal to deal, loss sales

  • Distribution law : Commercial agent, commission agent, broker, exclusive distribution (concession), selective distribution, franchising

  • Tourism law : Travel agents, tour operators, associated responsabilities & liabilities

  • Business : Business transfer, pledging, contributions in kind, Commercial mandate

  • Trademark : Filing, acquisition, disposal, operating

  • Prices establishement & policy

  • Protection of the intangible assets : Business secrets, customer databases, know-how, confidential information, etc

  • Debt and loan negociation

  • Debt collection, orders for payment procedures

  • Liability

  • Retention

  • Abusive breaches : Discuttions, contracts, business relations

  • Trade secret

  • Product and service safety

  • B2C and B2B sales