Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Your personal data law firm in Paris: The law firm LegiPass Avocats provides an expert advice on all the matters related to personal data protection (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR). We provide you with a full-spectrum assistance, far beyond a simple GDPR due diligence report.

The DDPR was implemented on May 25, 2018; But even now we observe that many companies are still not or only partially compliant to GDPR norms.

The principal purpose of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to unify and strengthen protection of personal data. It concerns all residents of the European Union and replaces the Directive on the protection of personal data from 1995. It also sets out a number of new rules in addition to the already existing regulation.

The GDPR compliance concerns all companies that collect or use personal data of the EU resident. Therefore, there is very high probability that your company is concerned by the GDPR as well.

The law firm LegiPass Avocats provides you with a full-spectrum advice on the implementation of the GDPR procedures.

In order to assess your needs in terms of GDPR, we will proceed with an initial diagnostic of the GDPR compliance in your company. As a result, we will produce a GDPR audit/due diligence report which will include an overview of the existing situation and define the actions to be taken. The next step will be to provide you with all the necessary assistance  to align the internal procedures of your company with the GDPR provisions.

The law firm LegiPass Avocats will facilitate your access to the information  which is the most relevant to your current situation. We will help you to gain a better understanding of the GDPR compliance procedures and ensure that you are  prepared to respond appropriately and proactively to any kind of situation that may give rise to the GDPR-related issues. We will provide a comprehensive explanation regarding the best GDPR practices to implement whether  you are direct private data owner  or a subcontractor in charge of data  processing. We also assist you in the preparation of the processing registries.

We advise you on a wide variety of GDPR-related matters such as  preparation of the reporting on customers and prospects, appropriate data security & protection or measures of prudence to be taken in relation to suppliers and service providers.

Our law firm provide you with an expert advice on the GDPR-compliance issues that might be relevant for contracts and agreements.

We can help you to incorporate in your data treatment processes  the notions of data security and protection by design (“privacy by design”) and data protection by default (“privacy by default”).

We help you to turn the GDPR, personal data protection and privacy into an opportunity to your business.